Blugento and Banca Transilvania launch GoOnline

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Blugento and Banca Transilvania launch GoOnline

Post by Sophia » 24 Jan 2023 12:07

We are happy to announce the strategic partnership with Banca Transylvania, one of the strongest banking institutions in Romania. Banca Transylvania is a brand that actively supports the development of the business environment through its actions and programs dedicated to SMEs, having divisions especially oriented towards this sector. Thus, if you want to open your own online store - in less than 3 days -, Blugento together with BT offers you the optimal and complete solution, Go Online, a service that includes all the necessary functionalities in the form of a monthly subscription, accessible even for a Start -up. The advantages of this platform include, among others, a customized design, completely adapted to your brand and optimized for mobile devices, BT card payment processor, dedicated technical support, integration with the Romanian courier but also with over 100 other complementary service providers. Among the main benefits are low implementation costs, included hosting that adapts to your business needs, and the ability to scale your business to any size, instantly. Depending on the store you want to open, you can choose between the Boutique package, recommended for businesses with a maximum of 100 products, the Start package, for a maximum of 1000 products and the Grow package for a maximum of 5000 products. Together with Banca Transylvania, we are innovating the online trade industry.

We provide SMEs with the most up-to-date, modern and high-performance eCommerce platform on the Romanian market and offer businessmen the opportunity to develop their business online without technical knowledge or "agency" budgets. Some of the visitors to an online store will not be converted into customers for various reasons. Maybe they didn't find what they were looking for, they don't have enough money at the time, or they're just not sure they need that product. Surely you also find yourself India Phone Number List in the following scenario. You enter an online store, you look, you find some products that catch your eye, but something stops you from adding them to the basket or completing the order. But if next to the products you will see a message telling you that the offer lasts a maximum of 24 hours, then would you postpone making a decision? We guarantee you not. Even if the goal isn't to turn visitors into frenzied buyers, you still need to encourage them to take action on the spot.


Let's see how you can use creating a sense of urgency to increase sales. Flash sales The term flash sales refers to reducing the price for a limited period of time. These sales usually last 24 hours and do not apply to the entire product selection. The visitor is shown the original price of the product, the promotional price, as well as the time and day when the promotion expires. If you've noticed that certain more expensive products aren't selling as well, then you could include them in a flash sale. The presence of a timer Instead of displaying the date and time until the promotion is valid, include a timer on the product page. Don't forget to include the days, hours, minutes, and seconds in the format. The design of the timer should be visible, large enough to attract the attention of any visitor and consistent with the rest of the elements on the page. Free shipping We discovered in a previous blog post that free shipping is one of the main factors influencing a visitor's decision to make a purchase. You can use this discovery to increase your sales.

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