10 Phrases from Movies That Teach Values

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10 Phrases from Movies That Teach Values

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Films build their own realities. Even more so in childhood, a period in which there are still no fixed ethical references and one is in the process of looking for them in the reference environment. For all these reasons, cinema, literature and leisure in general are great catalysts for a fairer and more supportive tomorrow through the future men and women we are raising today. Today in we have decided to bring you 10 movie phrases that teach positive values , not only with the intention of recommending movies suitable for enjoying with the family, but also so that this time together becomes quality time for multiple reasons. . Ready? one. “If you can think it, you can do it” ( Peter Pan, 1953 ) Creativity is the engine of our worlds! In this Disney classic, Peter Pan shows us that if we can think about flying we can fly.

And isn't it true? Imagination is our most powerful weapon, especially during childhood! Oh, you will always get somewhere if you walk far enough” ( Alice in Wonderland, 2010) What a text Lewis Carroll left us about his Alice! In Tim Burton's film, the Cheshire cat has an ethereal role, like himself Spain Phone Number List but his teachings are not at all: the cat is a ground wire, as the Nobel Prize winner for Literature Günter Grass said. It is good to teach children (and those who are not so much) to rethink even the most insignificant things that we take for granted, don't you think? The past can hurt, but, as I see it, you can either run from it or learn" (The Lion King, 1994) In movie phrases, Disney has few competitors... and The Lion King is proof of this.


One of the teachings that have permeated all of us the most: the mistakes of the past are the seed of the victories of the future, or not? And, meanwhile, Hakuna matata! Live and be happy. New call to action “When life hits you, do you know what to do? Keep swimming, keep swimming” (Finding Nemo, 2003) Perseverance is the lesson that Nemo and his father, Marlin, carry embedded in their DNA; be it crossing oceans to find his child, be it growing up and living with a stunted fin. It is our choices, Harry, that show who we are, much more than our abilities" ( Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets , 2002) In the second film of the epic Harry Potter saga at Hogwarts, the powerful wizard Albus Dumbledore teaches to the student of the Gryffindor house a valuable lesson: it is not the power of a person that shows what he is like, but the decisions he makes.

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