How the Eu Gdpr Regulation Will Affect the Ecommerce Market

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How the Eu Gdpr Regulation Will Affect the Ecommerce Market

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GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a new ordinance that will enter into force in May 2018. This ordinance will update the data protection rules in the European Union. The changes brought by the GDPR will affect all websites, including online stores. The purpose of this ordinance is to standardize and strengthen the way in which websites will protect the data of EU citizens and brings the following major changes: Clear consent for data collection First, certain details related to the visitor, such as online identifiers, location and cookies will be classified as personal data. This is important because the way an online store (or any other site) collects visitors' personal data will change. From May 2018, visitors must give their consent through a clear and concrete action. In other words, browsing the site will no longer be considered as consent. An example of consent accepted under the GDPR is the ticking of a box by the visitor (the box cannot be pre-ticked). In addition, certain marketing activities involving personal data may require separate consent. Another possible option is to add a consent setting in your browser. Thus, the sites no longer have to ask for the consent of the visitor, and he no longer has to accept or refuse for each new site.

However, it is worth mentioning that if the visitor has set not to provide personal data, online stores will no longer be able to ask for their consent. In addition, visitors must always have the option to withdraw their consent to data collection and processing. As a result of the ordinance, online stores must adopt these new methods of data Russia Phone Number List collection by May 2018 to avoid fines. The volume of collected data will certainly decrease, so it is advisable to prepare your next marketing strategies with this in mind. Data protection Not only will visitors' personal data be harder to collect and process, this data must also be better protected. In recent years, cyber-attacks and large-scale data theft have become more frequent, affecting large companies and hundreds of millions of people. Through the GDPR, data protection laws will be standardized across the EU and data theft will become easier to report and stop. Companies will have to keep a record of the data collected and will be responsible for its protection. This increased security may mean hiring new people to keep data safe and flag potential problems. With these stricter rules, companies will have a higher degree of responsibility to protect visitors' information. So we can expect higher fines for sites that don't follow the new rules.


The maximum penalty that can be issued is 4% of the annual turnover, whichever amount is higher. How the eCommerce industry will change In the short term, the primary concern of online store owners should be to ensure that their eCommerce sites are compliant with the new laws. That will most likely mean a site audit to determine what needs to be changed and the changes involved. In the long run, it could mark a sea change in how online stores approach marketing and customer relations. Remarketing strategies, for example, can deliver great results, but rely on visitor data, data that could be harder to come by once GDPR comes into effect. You can learn more about the changes brought by the GDPR onthis site. The Blugento team is with its customers and the eCommerce community in Romania and we will do everything we can to accommodate domestic online stores with the new ordinance and help them continue to grow.

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Re: How the Eu Gdpr Regulation Will Affect the Ecommerce Market

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