Branding: what is it and how to build one for your company?

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Branding: what is it and how to build one for your company?

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Branding is one of the most effective long-term marketing strategies. Learn how to build yours below! Who has never associated Christmas with Coca-Cola for some reason? And, in recent years, who doesn't remember Nubank when seeing a purple card? This means that brand management, better known as branding for these companies is working ! When we talk about big companies it's easier for things to happen, obviously. But this marketing strategy has been used for some time by several companies, including small ones . So let's see in this article how to work with branding for your company to stand out among the competition . Follow with us: Branding: what does it mean? Basically, branding is a planning strategy to manage and create your visual identity . With that, you canpositively strengthen your customers' impression of your brand. In Branding, the entire concept of your brand is planned and well structured so that your future customers understand your worldview, your positioning in the market, among other attributes.

This work generates greater visibility and relevance , as well as an influential impression, leaving your company somehow interesting in the eyes of Gambling Email List customers. We are talking about a long-term job. And thus, your company will be able to generate results by taking advantage of certain resources in an intelligent way, also influencing the impression that your public has of you . building a brand To maintain yourself and, above all, to stand out in the market, it is not enough to have a cute logo. Today, it is necessary to build values, concepts that will guide the customer's choice . The entire experience that the customer will have with your company must be thought of from start to finish. From the creation of a product to the posts on your social networks, they must be consistent with that “being” that is your brand and that relates to your audience. This is how large companies secure leadership positions in the market.


See how below: Platform This is the first step to start thinking about your branding. Who is your brand? What principles does this being that is your brand believe in? What will she bring different to the world? These questions can guide you to build your brand platform, which are: your purpose, your promise, your attributes and your brand positioning. Purpose Why does your company exist? Why do people choose to buy from you? What did you want to transform in the world when creating your brand? Usually this purpose ends up turning into a slogan . For example, the purpose ofL'Oréalit can be serving people who value themselves (from a self-care perspective) or influencing the thought that they can value themselves, with the slogan “Because you are worth a lot!”. Can you understand the relationship? Promise When we talk about the brand promise.

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