Testy eksploracyjne w e-Commerce

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Testy eksploracyjne w e-Commerce

Post by tithi252 » 16 Jan 2023 10:25

Without much thought, we can mention at least a few: own online stores, landing page, sales platforms Allegro, Amazon, eBay, etc. price comparison websites Cuneo, Skeptic, etc. Google Shopping, Marketplace from Facebook, Shopping on Instagram etc.. Each sales channel has its own rules. Some of them have text boxes that can only hold a limited amount of content, others require it in a specific format e.g. title, subtitle and two lines of description and others provide a really large scope.

Many companies manage to have one longer description on the website and shorten it depending on the requirements of the channel. This is already a solution, but it is still far from ideal. Strenuous slimming of the content so B2B Email List that it fits in the required maximum of characters sometimes leads to the omission of important details. Anyone who has ever tried to turn a comprehensive LinkedIn post into the Twitter-allowed 0 characters knows this.


Sample product description Lets take a look at these two Google Shopping product descriptions: Too long product description - Google Shopping It is immediately obvious that the first one has not been optimized for the distribution channel. Although the author has put effort into creating an encouraging characterization, the client has no way to appreciate it, because the shortened text breaks off mid-sentence as much as possible. Good product description Google Shopping The second description is adapted to the channel shorter) and thus wins - the potential customer sees all the information that the seller wanted to provide him.

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