Metafusion & Room 101 presents DIRTY DUB DANCING!

på klubbfronten i Trondheim/Oslo?

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Metafusion & Room 101 presents DIRTY DUB DANCING!

Post by Subway » 08 Mar 2011 17:58


With winter soon to be ended and to startup for the upcoming Battle Royale & a great Summer, Metafusion and Room 101 are getting back together to bring you more big bass & beats from around the world, this time in Gamla!!

The beloved phat Soundsystems will be as big & clean as ever for your audio pleasure! Dubstep, Bassline, Drumnbass, Wobbly Beats, Reggae Breaks, Nu Skool Jungle and of course :: General Wierdness..

All are on the night's musical calendar as are the great Digital visuals, Live paintings and Wikid MC-ing.

Need some bass & beats while you're waiting?? Check out the various artists or click ::

This party was made for You, don't miss it
Keepin it underground and keepin it unreal,


Line Up ::

Subway vs Instance [NO]
(Room 101, Riot Club, Impediment)

Dj Roman vs Pinguino [UK vs BE]
(Dystopia, Metafusion, Vertigo Jungle, Oslo Break Fest)

Daddimoshun [PO]
(Metafusion Soundsystem, Records of the Flesh Gods)

Anticivil vs Shiftshape [SE]
(Rymdstyrelsen Crew)

(Metafusion soundsystem, Laboratory of Human Response)


Mr Nimbus [SA]
(Tomorrow Doesn't Matter, Metafusion Soundsystem)

Bunzi D [UK]
(BunziDangerMusicGroup, Metafusion Soundsystem)


Mads Meskalin [NO]
(Metafusion Soundsystem,

Isabella Scansani [IT]
(Dropping by for more Lushness)

--Live Painting:


Markus Garvin

The more different / original you feel like dressing will only be better for all around :)

This party is open for all, no guestlist needed, all details on any eventual afterparty will be available later. Check your local grapevine or asks your mates...

100 kr
All 20 years and over are more than welcome

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